Sam's Rock - Samantha Ann McDonald

Recommended Reading/Viewing/Listening

Heaven/Randy Alcorn

read the pocketsize $1 - Heaven Questions and Answers and you will be hooked for the 500 page book - it is so wonderful - it opened by eyes to Heaven like nothing I have ever thought or heard of before - read it, you will be blessed

Holy Bible/God

one size fits all - answers to all your questions - it truly is the Living Word - the same words i read as a child speak to me so differently now

In Theatres Now - Movie/Facing The Giants

This movie is great for families. It is a powerful story of God's faithfulness to a high school football coach, his wife and team. It is an uplifting and inspirational story that will encourage you to trust God completely during the trials of life.

dvd - End of the Spear

Wow, powerful testimony of missionaries who had such a love for people they didn't even know to come to Christ they were willing to pay any price to reach them and the story still continues to this day.

movie - Facing the Giants

saw this today with Becca 7 and Jacob 10 we were all cheering! Jacob said it is now his favorite movie! this is a family must see

This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness

Two great fiction books by Frank Peretti that give an interesting perspective on spiritual warfare.

Safe In The Arms Of God

a wonderful and easy read, the first one both Geoff and I were able to read after Sami went safe into His arms

The Redemption Series by Karen Kingsburg

Karen Kingsbury is a great author and her Redemption Series is a fabulous and inspirational fictional story about a family's trials and joys that live in Bloomington, IN. The books read quick, you'll fall-in love with the characters and the story continues with a second series. The third series comes out this May. Enjoy!

The Nativity

greatest story going - ha - family will love also i found a great photo book of the movie available at Cosco for 11.99 makes a great gift especially for the unbeliever

Southeast Outlook

Our church has run another article about Sam's Rock page A-5, you can get a free copy at several local stores til this Thursday 1-4-07 I will also add it to the website sometime soon

the case for faith/lee strobel

if you've ever hesitated to believe in the lord this book will help you.

The Rapture

This is the last of the Left Behind - fictional books - even if you haven't read the other 14 books this book can stand alone. Or go for it read all 15 in the series they are a great read and very educational about the end times