Sam's Rock - Samantha Ann McDonald

T-Shirt Ministry

SAM'S ROCK t-shirts intrigue people to ask its meaning. The scripture 2 Samuel 22:2, The Lord is my Rock... is purposely missing so they will ask. Over 1,500 Shirts have been given out — most are here in Louisville; but they are also in states from Maine to California, Michigan to Georgia and most states in between. The shirts are also being worn in France and England.

It seems to connect people to each other by breaking down barriers, getting right to the point of what this life is all about. Wearing the Sam's Rock t-shirt gives you a wonderful opportunity to talk about something of eternal value.

Some people say that it makes them feel like a better person when they wear it. Others have said it gives them the opportunity to tell people that Sam's Rock is about a little girl named Sami who went to heaven when she was 3 . Sami knew Jesus as her Rock here on earth; and now she lives eternally with Jesus; and He is still her Rock. They wear the shirt in honor of Sami; and to share Christ's love. Others wear the shirt to honor a loved one they have lost; and it gives them the opportunity to share their pain and receive comfort and encouragement.

Each day people share stories of how they are connected to other people when they wear their Sam's Rock t-shirts; how wearing it to the dry cleaners led to a hug from a stranger; how a mother's teenage son asked its meaning which led to the most wonderful conversation they have ever had.

Whatever you share about Sam's Rock, know that it is an opportunity to let God's love be spoken through you, and an opportunity for a seed to be planted that can grow.

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